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Wiki trick and progress


Turns out that more things are underway!

Averland Abendessen has been translated in full, by Thomas Munkholt, but a bug was found in the game, so it sits at “90% done” until its Johs, the author, finds the time to fix it.

Olle finished translating The Warhammer, which now awaits copy-editing.

Slaaraphenland is a scenario which Olle just began translating, and he shares a wiki tip:

When partitioning a long text into several smaller pieces, for use on a wiki, it’s good to put the pieces in good places. I named my pieces slaaraphenland:scenes so that they get to sit in their own so-called namespace (slaaraphenland:, in this case). This is the way Project pages are made, too. They just sit in the projects: namespace.

That way, there is no problem that I call my list of scenes “Scenes” and my list of gamemaster instructions “Overview”, even though those names are quite popular. No collisions will occur, using namespaces. OK, thanks bye!

That’s it for now! Happy trails, people!

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  1. 2009/06/25 08:55

    I just love coming in here and see the progress. You guys rock! We have to have a big release party, when the project is over, so the writers can come and celebrate the translators.

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