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Layout help from overseas


Out of the blue, Remi Treuer told us that he’ll try to re-layout Butterforger. Great! Rumor has it that he took an InDesign course. The author’s own current PDF is quite rough: it’s the product of a beginner’s 20 minutes with LyX, the LaTeX document processor.

The Hunt also has the layout conundrum: it will be a while before the full Empire anthology is translated, but The Hunt is already playable. If it had some layout, people could play it, submit bugs and actual play reports.

Update: The Hunt now has layout, and a minor homepage. In the comments, Emily links to a remix, which she found useful in play. Download, remix, play!

You game for a layout challenge?

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  1. 2009/05/16 14:06

    Me! me! More soon.

  2. 2009/05/18 16:11

    I’m planning on running The Hunt at Camp Nerdly as part of the Freeform Sampler we’re doing there. Both Rene and I made temp versions for use!

    His is beautiful and simple. I think I’ll bring some copies of it as a handout for the players. Mine is edited for ease of use during play. I’ll bring a copy of mine to use while we run it.

    It was really fun to do a remix of the game text! I hope we do get more skilled hands to work on this and the rest of the Imperiet set.

  3. Jesper Wøldiche permalink
    2009/05/19 10:44

    I’ve had too much on my mind recently to follow the work closely. But if you guys need other help with layout, printing or publishing feel free to send me a message.


  4. 2009/05/19 12:50

    Thanks in advance, Jesper! Authors and translators, take note: people actually volunteer to help here.

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