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Project update!


Butterforger is now ready. The text now exists in English, and anyone can download and play it. Thanks, all collaborators! This is going so well.

Emily Care Boss has been working hard with spell-checking and grammar-correcting The Hunt, the text of which has been translated roughly. René Toft, the intrepid author of the scenario, used the wiki itself to hold the text of the scenario.

Want to contribute some words? All you need to do to help out, is register at the wiki, and get cracking. Registering is called “becoming a member”, but you’re all invited. As we’ve said before, the secret code is at the bottom of the front page of the wiki. Look carefully.

Much welcome!

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  1. René Toft permalink
    2009/05/14 02:03

    All done! Phew. Thanks Emily. Took a little longer than anticipated, but it also got a lot better than anticipated, so that must count for something 🙂


  2. 2009/05/14 09:23

    Yeah! Heroic effort, both of you; this is the ultimate awesome: new stuff, done.

    Follow-up: Do you have a plan for the layout of the text?

    • René Toft permalink
      2009/05/14 11:20

      Not really. I truly hope we have people for that sort of thing 🙂

  3. Kristoffer Apollo permalink
    2009/05/14 13:02

    How about bribing Lars to put into the original Empire layout?

  4. 2009/05/16 14:05

    Oooh! Remi beat me. I’m working on laying out the Hunt right now!

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