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Due to unstable web access I might not be able to update as often for the next few weeks.

Rumours will have it that both René and Olle are almost done with their first translations. Two scenarios in two weeks. I hadn’t imagined this drive when I started this.

We rock!

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  1. Montola permalink
    2009/05/06 11:49

    You know my opinion, but anyway: This is a really really great project, and I very much look forward to the translated scenarios!


    – M

  2. 2009/05/08 17:31

    Thanks for the kind words, Montola!

    Right now, there is actually a single finished scenario, the full English text of The Butterforger can be picked up at its wiki project page at the Gnavpotveksler wiki.

    (As yet, there’s no graphic design or anything on it, but it’s liberally licensed, so you’re free to take it through your design app and do whatever you want with it.)

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