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The masses are screaming for something to sink their teeth into. Olle started a project wiki for sharing knowledge and maybe even working on the texts.

As soon as I get a few hours in a row (most likely during the weekend) I’ll start distributing the texts. Until then you are all very welcome to help me moving into the wiki: create the pages you think we’ll need.

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  1. 2009/04/15 16:07

    The password to become a member of the wiki is this langx2009.

    • Chris Bennett permalink
      2009/04/22 20:03

      I certainly have no translation skills (some say I can barely speak English!)

      But I’m very excited to see these games being translated and I want to see them getting played over here in America.

      Last year my groups were able to play Montsegur: 1244, Until We Sink and Archipelago. We had a lot of fun and learned a LOT about game design from them.

      So please let me know how I can help spread the word over here! I would love to bring some new (to us) games to Go Play Northwest in Seattle in late June.

      Chris Bennett

      • Luisa permalink*
        2009/04/22 23:16

        Chris, that sounds great! I’ll spread the word that we could actually have a real deadline to work against. And we’ll definately welcome any help spreading the word once we have something done. I know that a few of the scenarios from the Empire are almost done already, so I might not be long before we have something.

        Welcome aboard!

  2. Elias permalink
    2009/04/16 00:27

    What is the code of conduct? Looking at the wiki, I was tempted to just get at it, but then I was unsure if the authors of each story in “The Empire” wanted to restrict who would be working on their story. So is it a free-for-all, do the individual authors decide who edits their game – or what?

    • 2009/04/16 01:00

      Hi Elias! Cool that you want to jump in the fray.

      Updated for clarity: To reduce the risk of cross-spamming, and miscommunication, wait a few days, and Gnavpotveksler can assign you to a project. Alternatively, you can look at the wiki, and see if an author already started translation of her own scenario. In that case, the permissions issue is solved, since she already owns the text. It’s up to her.

      At this point, collaboration that people know about is probably the safest way to go, so go to the active projects on the wiki, and find out who’s active with a translation, and contact them to get to work. That way we never double-work on stuff, and everyone knows enough about what’s happening. If you lack a contact person on a project page, edit in a question in the page itself, like “Who is running this translation project?”

      Again, welcome! –Olle


  1. Gnavpotveksler coordination: Gnavpotveksler translation projects
  2. Gnavpotveksler coordination: Join This Wiki

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