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Heartburn by Frikard Ellemand


News: The Fastaval 2010 scenario Heartburn (Hjertebrand) has been translated, edited and facelifted.

Find it here:


Wiki trick and progress


Turns out that more things are underway!

Averland Abendessen has been translated in full, by Thomas Munkholt, but a bug was found in the game, so it sits at “90% done” until its Johs, the author, finds the time to fix it.

Olle finished translating The Warhammer, which now awaits copy-editing.

Slaaraphenland is a scenario which Olle just began translating, and he shares a wiki tip:

When partitioning a long text into several smaller pieces, for use on a wiki, it’s good to put the pieces in good places. I named my pieces slaaraphenland:scenes so that they get to sit in their own so-called namespace (slaaraphenland:, in this case). This is the way Project pages are made, too. They just sit in the projects: namespace.

That way, there is no problem that I call my list of scenes “Scenes” and my list of gamemaster instructions “Overview”, even though those names are quite popular. No collisions will occur, using namespaces. OK, thanks bye!

That’s it for now! Happy trails, people!

Returning Home released!


Long time no see, but here are some Gnavpotveksler news.

Just released: Frederik J Jensen’s Returning Home. Brand new translated scenario. Yes, with a CC license, and with neat pictures.

Update on Dyst (English: Joust): Jonas has completed translating Part I of the text, and waiting for language feedback from his helpers.

Juhana Pettersson from Helsinki reports that Roolipelaaja #21 is soon published. If you look at the picture, and you can’t read Finnish, you can probably make out the word Fastaval. At this point in the project, you might know what that word means. (If not, make an Internet search.) Anyway, cutting to the chase, Butterforger is in that issue. In Finnish! Thanks to liberal CC licenses, they didn’t even have to ask. They were gracious about it, and let the author know, and all.

Having to run, I salute your upcoming solstice.

Third scenario almost done


I just heard from Kristoffer Apollo: he challenged himself to do the entire translation of “A Midsummer Night’s Story” by Martin Svendsen in 24 hours. And he did it!

The scenario is part of “The Empire” anthology and are now going through the final proof reading and layout process. Anyone willing to help with either please contact Martin and Kristoffer through the wiki-page.

Layout help from overseas


Out of the blue, Remi Treuer told us that he’ll try to re-layout Butterforger. Great! Rumor has it that he took an InDesign course. The author’s own current PDF is quite rough: it’s the product of a beginner’s 20 minutes with LyX, the LaTeX document processor.

The Hunt also has the layout conundrum: it will be a while before the full Empire anthology is translated, but The Hunt is already playable. If it had some layout, people could play it, submit bugs and actual play reports.

Update: The Hunt now has layout, and a minor homepage. In the comments, Emily links to a remix, which she found useful in play. Download, remix, play!

You game for a layout challenge?

Project update!


Butterforger is now ready. The text now exists in English, and anyone can download and play it. Thanks, all collaborators! This is going so well.

Emily Care Boss has been working hard with spell-checking and grammar-correcting The Hunt, the text of which has been translated roughly. René Toft, the intrepid author of the scenario, used the wiki itself to hold the text of the scenario.

Want to contribute some words? All you need to do to help out, is register at the wiki, and get cracking. Registering is called “becoming a member”, but you’re all invited. As we’ve said before, the secret code is at the bottom of the front page of the wiki. Look carefully.

Much welcome!


Due to unstable web access I might not be able to update as often for the next few weeks.

Rumours will have it that both René and Olle are almost done with their first translations. Two scenarios in two weeks. I hadn’t imagined this drive when I started this.

We rock!